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2017 New Energy Passenger Vehicle Market Openness Index Report (May 2018)
Between 2015 and 2017, the number of NEV brands doubled and the number of NEV models available in the Chinese market tripled. This rapid development of China's new energy automotive industry is one result of the pro-EV policies made at the national and local levels. Because China is now transitioning from pilot- and policy-directed development and a more meaningful engagement with industry, challenges to NEV commercialization consist of mainly local deployment and market protectionism. This study proposed a new index for assessing relative market openness for competitive NEV development: "the NEV Market Openness Index". The index was developed on the basis of conventional diversity combined with penetration indexes, both adopted from biological studies, with a particular focus on passenger NEVs, and based on data from 23 Cities and 20 provinces.
Real-World Fuel Consumption Data Comparative Analysis-A case study based on two different consumer mobile apps in Beijing city
There are increased interests in new data sources for evaluating the effectiveness policies that guide the development of the transportation sector, especially after the emergence of several notable emission scandals. However, few studies analyze these new data sources. Their applicability and usefulness are rarely compared and not well understood. This study attempts to fill this gap by drawing comparisons between two new data sources useful for assessing the actual fuel consumption (FC) of passenger cars: semi-manual calculation of FC through a dedicated app (BearOil, or Xiaoxiong) and automated FC (and other data points) collection by an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) app (ZhiJiaXing). The study compares data features, statistical robustness and analysis results of the two datasets in a Beijing case study.
Analysis of Actual Passenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption in Beijing Using OBD App Data(December 2017/ Clean Transportation Program)
As it has become evident that the gap between the actual and reported FC rate is increasing, so much so that it is actually outpacing any improvements in stringency made over the years in the policy itself. This report attempts to re-examine China’s FC gap using an automated data source instead of a manual voluntary data source. The data is provided by the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) mobile app, Beijing Wisdom Travel Technology Co., Ltd. (北京智驾出行科技公司), and reflects inputs collected over a period of eight years from 55 models with some 180,000 owners and accounting for over 25 million data points. This report's analysis is focused on China’s capital city of Beijing, which is characterised by, at times, extreme congestion even with a vehicle registration cap in place since 2010. It examines by transmission type variations, segmentation differences, temporal variations, and speed related FC differentiations.
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iCET was invited sharing users real fuel consumption researches on China Automotive Testing Cycle (CATC) verification workshop
China Automotive Testing Cycle (CATC) project was initiated by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and launched in 2015, and was lead developed by its auto research arm, China Automotive Technology Research Center (CATARC). On January 6, the CATC verification workshop was held in Tianjin. A total of 34 research institutes, including 2 testing institutes, 17 domestic independent auto companies, 7 joint ventures and 8 foreign auto companies participated in the CATC verification research work which was released at the event, and about 50 organizations attended the discussion that followed the presentation of research results.
China Clean Transportation Partnership 1st Workshop was successfully held!
On December 20, 2017, experts and representatives from clean transportation sector gathered together for the first workshop of the China Clean Transport Partnership (CCTP) to discuss the potential and significance of energy saving and emission reduction of conventional vehicles against background NEVs development.
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2016 China CAFC and Urban Real-World Emission Evaluation Workshop
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